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To compete in today’s fractured and turbulent media environment, organizations must carefully evaluate their messaging, as well as the medium on which it is deployed. New Analytics helps separate the information that resonates with the public from that which simply fades into background noise.

The Request

New Analytics worked with Business Roundtable to gather data on their media and digital performance rates

The Idea

New Analytics applied their proprietary service, The Edge to create messaging options and help move the needle in their campaigns.

The Solution

New Analytics was able to use their data to determine if Business Roundtable’s campaigns voice was loud enough to gain the desired results.

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Working with the Business Roundtable, New Analytics applied its toolset to the contentious debate surrounding international trade agreements. Using its Edge technology, New Analytics first began tracking specific topics on TV, radio, and the Internet, quantifying which news outlets discussed trade most frequently and how this commentary was influencing the broader conversation.

With this research, New Analytics then worked with the Business Roundtable to develop potential messaging options. New Analytics ran focused experiments to determine which arguments were most effective in moving the needle, which arguments carried unintended risks, and which arguments had no effect. This approach provided the Business Roundtable with a metrics-driven space to sharpen tactics before a single ad was purchased.

New Analytics also has access to an international technology company that has one of the largest data collections in the world.

Once advertising began, New Analytics began tracking its performance in the field. By taking “before and after” surveys, New Analytics was able to see whether the messaging penetrated beyond the ambient media environment, providing scientifically-informed results necessary to tweak the campaign on the fly. Taken together, these experiments allowed the Business Roundtable to run advertisements with the confidence that their money was well spent.

With New Analytics, data drives the message.

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