Decades of Experience

Governor John H. Sununu

Board of Directors

John Sununu was Governor of New Hampshire from 1983 to 1989 and then White House Chief of Staff under President George H. W. Bush from 1989-1991. He is a former Chairman of the Republican Governors Association and of the National Governors Association. He is the recent author of the highly acclaimed book The Quiet Man about President George H.W. Bush. He holds BA, MS, and Ph.D degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dorrance Smith


Dorrance Smith has over 40 years experience in Washington working at ABC News and in government as a Senior official at the White House and Defense Department. As Executive Producer for ABC he won multiple Emmys at Nightline, and help create the award winning Sunday morning program, This Week with David Brinkley. He served in the White House under George H.W. Bush as Assistant to the President for Media Affairs. In 2006-7 he was the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs.

Benjamin Anderson

Director of Analytics

Ben Anderson has used data science to provide informed solutions to complex problems in both the public and private sectors. Ben holds a Ph.D. from Northwestern University in Music Theory and Cognition with a certificate in Cognitive Science. His dissertation concerned the mental representations, or schemas, that listeners use to understand music. At New Analytics, Ben has applied and expanded his work with schemas to the topics of opinion formation and persuasion.

Ian Gray

Director of Innovation Research

Ian Gray has served in a variety of political roles, including as a digital marketer for the Republican National Committee, a research and polling analyst at the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and campaign manager for a successful U.S. House race. At New Analytics, Ian helps clients develop the internal processes necessary to make the most of their data and survey assets, as well as hone persuasion messaging.

"Many people have access to big data, but very few know what to do with it, how to organize it, or what questions to ask it. At New Analytics, we have the experience to know what questions matter and the creativity to know how to engage with data to answer those questions."

– Ben Anderson