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The Edge: Brexit

Below is the latest version of The Edge, a unique digital analysis of the television coverage of the British vote to “leave” the European Union–Brexit.

Note-The Edge is interactive when viewed on a desktop computer. To view a PDF version of the Edge, click here.


The Edge data reveals how scant the coverage was prior to the vote. The result to “leave” created a huge spike in coverage on Friday.

The Edge data shows how quickly the TV coverage pivoted to the U.S. Presidential campaign with Donald Trump dominating the coverage.

  • The 3 day average of television coverage shows Trump at 55%, Obama at 23%, and Clinton at 19%. Trump’s coverage far exceeded Obama and Clinton combined. His being in Scotland at the time contributed to his media mentions. Trump and Obama’s coverage were about 2/3rds negative: Clinton about 56% negative.
  • The Obama Administration television presence was minimalist with President Obama discussing Brexit for just over a minute at a conference in California. No Obama administration officials appeared on the weekend shows. (Compared to the week before where Attorney General Lynch appeared on all Sunday shows to discuss the Orlando hooting)Fox News and MSNBC devoted the most coverage on the impact of Brexit and the U.S. Presidential race.

    The New Analytics Company will continue to update The Edge as events occur—a one of a kind resource for programming content and analysis.


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